Educate, entertain, and bridge the generation gap!

Parents helping teens, that's my number one goal!
Parents and teens enjoying the magic of the written word is an important part of reaching this goal!
The Adventures of Frankie is a tool to help parents help their teens!

My Old Bike

You'll meet Frankie and all the kids in the neighborhood in this is the first book of the series.

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My New Bike

Enjoy the ride of this second book in the series as Frankie works to get his brand new bike.

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Brad the Bully

Currently in the works and certainly will be finished for Christmas!

Scrawny Ronnie

Frankie's best friend.
Coming soon!

Rita the Red Head

Brad the Bully's sister and Pretty Paulette's best friend.
Coming soon!

Pretty Paulette

The girl next door, so to speak.
Coming soon!

Penelope the Aussie

Paulette's puppy Penny.
Coming soon!

Parents Helping Teens Enjoy the Magic of the Written Word!

Reading… teens love it, can do it, or hate it! Think of it as a sliding scale with hating on the left and loving on the right. Readers are communicators and people who communicate effectively are successful, personally as well as professionally.

My goal is to help each and every teen move from left to right (from hating reading to loving reading), even if only a little.

Parents Connecting with Teens!

Parents are the key to a child’s success, starting with eating, talking, dressing, crawling, walking, running, etc., etc. Yes teachers are important and a vital inspiration to children, but they are only building on the success of the child’s first educators.

“The Adventures of Frankie” is a tool to aid parents with this continued success. These stories help moms, dads, grandparents, and teens relate as well as opening doors to many conversations so important to parenting.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

So many teens are joining us from other cultures. The age-appropriate stories in this series help ESL (English as a Second Language) teens get a handle on the language as well as offering a taste of the new world they have entered.

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