My Old Bike – Batter Up

Batter Up

For the player or spectator, batter or pitcher, in the stands or watching on television, baseball stimulates everyone's emotions!

Moral of the Story

Practice makes perfect, or at least it makes you better. And just as important, getting better at something builds confidence!

Even with Brad the Bully constantly knocking his ability to play, Frankie found the strength to better himself at the game that he so enjoys.

Talking Points

  1. This story introduces Brad the Bully. It seems that every neighborhood has a bully. Do you have one?
    The third book in the series is titled "Brad the Bully." The stories are told from his point of view. The hope is that you will learn a little about why bullies get to be that way.
  2. Why Mighty Frankie?
    I wanted to pay homage to the famous American poem "Casey at the Bat" by Ernest Thayer.
  3. Do you think Brad the Bully was trying to hit Frankie with his wild pitch?
  4. Was Frankie feeling bad for hitting Brad the Bully in the face with his line drive?
  5. Did Brad the Bully deserve to get a fat lip?


All definitions may be found at

  1. Pint-sized
    Very small.
  2. Inevitable
    Certain to happen; unavoidable.
  3. Demonstrate
    Clearly show the existence or truth of (something) by giving proof or evidence.
  4. Minion
    A follower or underling of a powerful person, especially a servile or unimportant one.
  5. Humiliation
    The action of humiliating someone or the state of being humiliated.
  6. Humiliate
    Make (someone) feel ashamed and foolish by injuring their dignity and self-respect, especially publicly.
  7. Confidence
    The feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.

Personal Note

In the beginning of the story I referred to Frankie as "pint-sized," that was me. In fact, I was rather skinny until halfway through college. Needles to say, I was never picked to be on any team. The only chance I had to play was in the neighborhood and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.


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