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Thursday morning I drove down to take Brian to dialysis. After that we stopped at DMV to pick up handicapped placards for their cars then headed at Buffalo Wild Wings for a bite to eat. He was excited to use handicapped parking for the first time, legally 😉 Nothing wrong with his sense of humor.

Dialysis, which is three times a week, wipes him out. So much so that he fell walking into DMV. Freaked me out because it happened so fast. We texted on Saturday, he said he was just sore.

Brian is constantly cold but thankfully not in a lot of pain. He is beginning to accept his “new normal” and realizes that this is not going to last long. Surprisingly he is not angry. Instead, he described his main emotion as “disappointment.” Right now he is working on a plan for how best to spend the time he has left. As you might imagine his focus is on Erik and Kristen.

Brian, Kristen, Erik, and the dogs are currently staying with her parents. They have a bedroom on the first floor with a handicap bathroom. His hope is to move back home soon. At that point he wants to convert his office into kind of a man cave with a big screen TV hung on the wall.

To help out the best I can, at least once a week I will be driving down to spend the day with him, taking him to dialysis, and running errands. Anything to keep his spirits up and give his family a break.

A few people are planning on visiting over Thanksgiving. It will be good to keep the numbers down because he really doesn’t have a lot of strength.

A couple of us have been talking about renting a house for a weekend in the Seven Lakes area so that we can have a get-together for/with Brian. The idea is to have a place for everyone close to Brian to meet and share some time. A place for people from out of town to stay, we’ll have a kitchen, and Brian would be able to come and go as he has the energy.

Seven Lakes is about 25 minutes from Brian’s, one hour and 20 minutes from the Raleigh-Durham Airport, and more than two hours from my house.

Brian said that he would like this very much. Right now the plan is to do it soon after the holidays. For those of you that would be flying in, you can either rent a car in Raleigh, NC or one of us from the area could pick you up. Click here for some possibilities Doug found with a quick search.

Please let me know if you might be able to come and if you can help with the plans or anything!
Since I’ll be doing so much driving over the next several weeks/months, it would be great if someone could take the lead on renting the house and collecting donations to make this happen for Brian!