My Old Bike

My Old Bike is the first book in The Adventures of Frankie series. You'll follow along as Frankie works to get a brand new bike. Along the way you'll meet the kids in Frankie's neighborhood: Pretty Paulette, Scrawny Ronnie, Brad the Bully, and Rita the Red Head.


Pretty Paulette is the stereotypical girl next door on whom Frankie happens to have a crush. Scrawny Ronnie is his best friend, whom Frankie has known since they were in diapers. Brad the Bully, well… there is at least one in every neighborhood. Rita the Red Head is the nice little girl from the wrong side of the tracks.

My goal with “The Adventures of Frankie” is to help middle school and high school kids to enjoy the magic of the written word. To do that takes much more than a handful of books with a theme that kids can relate to, it also requires that you get involved!

These stories are for you the parent, just as much as they are for your kids. So I encourage you to read these stories then read them out loud to your kids, and have them read them to you.

If you’re as lucky as me, maybe your teenager will plop down on the couch, slide next to you and read along as Frankie works for his slice of the American Dream.

Ready to read My Old Bike?

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