Overcoming a Reading Disability

Reading was difficult for me as a kid in junior high and high school, I guess my brain is not wired for reading. It was so bad that I never intended to go to college. Yes I was diagnosed with a reading disability, but in essence, I felt like the school system left me behind. Thankfully, I did eventually get a bachelor’s degree in computer science, but reading is still difficult for me.

Reading was also difficult for my kids, especially my oldest son. That poor kid had such a miserable time sounding out words. If not for his mother and I helping, certainly he would not be the avid reader that he is today.

Success with my boys did not come easy. It was only with persistence and repetition that they both became excellent readers! Every single day, several times a day, their mom and I would sit with them and read or listen to them as they read. Slowly, very slowly, they became better and better.

The earlier you start the better chance your children have to become great readers. And there are tons of resources for kids right out of the womb all the way through elementary school. But what about those who slip through the cracks and make it to middle school or even high school without becoming good readers.

Walk through the teen section of your local bookstore and you will find trilogy after trilogy of vampire stories, wizards, and young love. This is where The Adventures of Frankie comes into play! I am not an expert in the field of reading disability nor am I an educator. But I am a successful parent that helped my own children through the very same difficulties I faced as a child. So I decided to share this success and provide parents with hope and a simple set of tools.

So grab a copy of My Old Bike, sit down on the couch with your middle schooler or high schooler and start reading.

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