Because I Said So!

Because I Said So - "Teach by Example" works better!
Because I Said So

I found in interesting little article on Persephone Magazine that backs up the point I am about to make…

By the time a kid is in middle school, “Because I said so” doesn’t work any more. Not that it really did when they were a toddler either 😉 😉

Teach By Example!

What did worked for me as a parent was to pull some story out of my childhood then apply it to the present situation. This worked pretty well. Even if I couldn’t come up with anything really, I made something up to fit the lesson I was trying to teach. Part of the goal was to show my much younger offspring, that in fact, they were no different than I was at that age. Very often the conversations would change from tense and adversarial, to laughing and comradery.

My goal is that parents and kids will both read The Adventures of Frankie. The stories in this series of books will help them to solve difficult problems together, and to start important conversations on age appropriate topics.

The fun doesn’t end with the last page of the last book in The Adventures of Frankie series. Visit the companion website ( for more stories and helpful information!

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